A drinking game, requiring the following materials:

It is set up as such:
  1. Arrange the cups in two pyramids with bases four cups wide each, facing each other at the opposite ends of a table. Fill each cup with a shot of beer.
  2. Take the two remaining cups, fill them both with water, then put one at either end.

The game works thusly:

Two teams of two stand at either end of the table. They then take turns throwing the ping pong ball at the other team's pyramid. Any time it goes in a cup, the owner of that cup must then drink its contents, and the cup is removed. The water cups are used for cleaning off the ball after it is removed from the beer.

First team to be left with no cups loses. The winner plays another round. When a team wins, the other team gets to try to score as many points in a row against them by trying to score until they miss. They still lose, but it's the principle of the thing.