Soliloquy for a burning boxspring, sung less, perhaps, to accompany the pictures I took that night, than to accompany the pictures I specifically didn't take, since it wasn't my camera. This is for you, Phoenix, but I think you knew that.

six wings and a sexy smile
reborn in the ashes from under the fire
wings tipped with a holy desire
you lie in the flames of my heart

(chorus) so come on, won't you firedance with me
twisting in the flames delicately
come on, won't you firedance with me
laughing in the blaze 'til morning comes

they'd only seen you burn quietly
your silent smoldering warmth
but then you spread your wings for me
and put a ripple through the calm

flashes flickering black and white gold
frame your intelligent eyes
in just a single look i was bought and sold
much to my rational mind's surprise

take me in your wings and hold me tight
while i succumb to your flames
i know i won't go home tonight
and i'll never be tamed