after two years (god, has it been that long?!) of me being a random pain in the arse, Starrynight and i are going to dinner this evening. mmm...*shivers of anticipation* i get to have dinner with a real geek, who likes sushi and tea, and doesn't vomit at the mention of a macintosh. wow. jane is most amused by the thought.

so the costume this year is a repeat of 1998's iabelili from the haunted house's rotating room. so, here i sit, looking like the most punk-fucking-rock butterfly the world has ever seen. the faeries wear boots...aww, yeah. i'm kinda goofy, today, in case you hadn't noticed.

another one of those fantastic "sleep is for the weak" days. i think i'll stop at the store on the way home and buy 3lbs. of tootsie rolls and eat them all myself. i have the metabolism of a hummingbird, and no patience for trick-or-treaters. i mean, jeez, i'm an antisocial geek, what do you expect?


sometimes i miss real people...the ones you go to who tell you that all your other friends are inherently insane because they are part of "the scene", whatever it is where you are, and that the two of you are moderately more sane, having managed to penetrate the incomprehensible edifice only very slightly, and only when trying. damn, i love that boy. he takes such good care of my brain for me...

but, oh! the moment approaches!!! only 20 more minutes in which to pretend to work before the bishonen comes to rescue me from my faux toil!