i just wanted to write the goddamn paper and go to bed. i feel like i've got sandbags under my eyes now. hours ago, starry and i both signed off to get some goddamn work done. i hope he got something done. so, instead of me getting work done, captain mollie drops in to regale me with wild stories and try to convince me that i want to help her ST her dark ages tabletop game. bullshit, man. i just *retired* from my ST post at the friday game. that should say something, i think.

anyway, she goes away, and two of three come by. ok, i should go back...one and two are married, and until recently were dating three. so one and two come by to relate the news that they have left three. or that three has left them...i'm still trying to figure out which. anyway, the problem, as i saw it, was that three was just too immature to handle a relationship with anything that wasn't a highschool boy. *sigh* shit happens.

found some cure posters left by my former roommate. ate some really good cheese. $10/lb imported jarlsberg from oslo. lord knows what posessed me to think i could afford even the half pound i bought, but damn it feels good to eat good cheese.

for some inexplicably sick reason, i have written my 23rd sonnet. i guess i just have good inspiration lately. thanks, love, you're a real muse. and i mean that with both hands on my guitar, despite the fact that i have to say it with both hands on the keyboard. no one's inspired me to any worthwhile creative effort in a good many years. when it gets too cold to hold a pencil, i'll warm my hands on thoughts of you.

ok, sorry... i've got my brain back under control now.

so, off i go into the mystic ramblings of walter hilton...