did she?
is she...?
wasn't that...?

no. i didn't. i didn't throw a huge party, and leave glass everywhere. not this weekend, and not in august.
no. i didn't. i didn't run over your puppy, because i don't dirve. i don't own a car.
no. i didn't. i have never had a subsription to business week, and i am not paying $37.95 for a magazine i've never read.
no. for fucksake, man, no! i did not, and will not cheat on niall with cowcrusher, or with a templar, or with anyone else!

sorry, it's been a long fucking day, and there's still another eight hours to go. i have to clean my house, i have to answer to someone who doesn't even live here about what i've been doing with my time, and why the house isn't clean, and whether i've done my homework, and how it's not fair that i'm always sick when he wants something. bottom line? i'm always sick. it's just that sometimes i'm less sick. gripe, gripe, bitch, whine...

enough shit. at least i went out with my mom today. she's going to buy a house. i am most excited at this prospect. my mom should have a house, dammit. she's 48 years old, and that's old enough not to share an overpriced apartment with a crummy boyfriend who can't pick up after himself. i told her she should get rid of him *years* ago, but hey, she learned, and now she's leaving. i think i'll set her up with some hot heavy weapons fighter. mom digs rippling muscles. that and she needs some new friends-- people who don't suck, and are not having midlife crisies. i hope she gets the house. it'll do her good.

anywhoo, back to eating rice and cleaning the house. maybe i'll actually accomplish something today.