-=it's may 25...do you know where your towel is?=-

Rhapsody in Screwed :: Part III

sirens...why do i keep hearing sirens? oh, right. sometimes i forget i live across the street from a hospital. it's been kinda scary lately. heart-hospital helicopters at all hours, and ambulance sirens almost constantly from sunset to daybreak. really makes one wonder what the hell is going on in the world.

so i finally collapsed last night from some sick combination of adrenaline poisoning, allergies and politics. and when i came to, the first time, anyway, i discovered that one of the desk machines had locked up in the middle of a redhat install. that really doesn't make me happy. so i switched it off, and then the world spun, and i was down again.

three weeks of getting jerked around, and two days of a recalcitrant 386 laptop will do that to a person. i named it nemesis, and it is in my kitchen, taunting me. i have, what, three laptops now? only one even pretends to work, and it is this molasses-slow hunk of plastic. i'd love to get that swank black gateway up and running, but it has this funky proprietary hard drive connector, and i don't have an adaptor.

"what can i possibly say?"

i just got another request for a machine, and while i'd love to give him one, i don't have anything stable that doesn't already belong to someone else, and i just ran out of pci video cards and ide cd rom drives. i have more scsi cd drives than god could ever want, but they do me no good here. i should just sell them on ebay, take the cash and buy a new laptop.

"we are all illusion..." i leave for three days of crazy in-the-woods fun tonight. or at least that's the theory. i haven't heard anything from the man who's doing the driving, so i don't know if he got the message i left wednesday nite that my other brother *is* in fact coming in, but not until ten. this makes me jumpy. i haven't finished packing. i barely finished cooking... i have two hours when i get out of here in which to make sure i have everything i could humanly need.

"resilient, and poised to strike."

i'm ready for anything. there can be no more surprises. anything that tries will be summarily hunted down and killed. brutally, if i have any say in it. i can't take much more of this lunacy. next week, it will all straighten itself out. it just *has* to.