gods, what a bitch of a day. i come home at 10am only to discover that there is a dead roach in my sink. ok, not too bad, i can cope. so then i pop open the filing cabinet to put some stuff away and *OH MY GOD SHE'S LAYING EGGS!* right on top of the file i need to use. i hate roaches. so i bolt upstairs and grab a can of raid. wielding bug spray like a .38 and screaming "fucking die already", i proceed to hose the 3 inch, segmented, spawning female with utter disregard for the papers beneath. fuck the papers. i can get copies of those. just kill her before she spawns the invasion. as she twitches her last, i wander into the kitchen with intentions toward a nice cold glass of *bottled* water. and...*JESUS CHRIST IT'S HER MATE!* a 3.5 inch bull cockroach comes charging out from under the cabinets as i reach for the fridge. i grab for the raid, but i'm not quite quick enough and he escapes by way of the 8086 i use to keep my rabbit out of the kitchen. shuddering, i abandon the water idea and go to class.

after class, i get some food and drink and go to work. i am walking around with no jacket because it was a nice day when i got up. whoo! of course! i walk out of the deli, and it's *raining*. great. so, sprinting through the rain, i make it to work, only to be confronted with a dying roach on the doorstep. goddammit. ok, i can cope. no, really. so, i sit down to eat lunch and notice that my inbox is in *three* piles a hand high, each. at least most of it is copies. unfortunately, hidden in there is a bookstore pickup request. and it's *urgent*. so i get to go out in the now-heavy rain and get the damn envelopes. i hate being cold, and i like being cold and wet even less. then after a few hours of staring at the copier, i got to walk home in the rain.

the rabbit has been eating the couch, again. i have two papers due in the morning. frater shinma has lost his marbles again, and i think i have a cold. i think i'll take a shower, get some food, and attempt to salvage the evening.