Rhapsody in Screwed :: Part XII
06.18.01 :: 02:10

"standing in the sun with a popsicle / everything is possible"

i haven't been this kinda happy since i slept opposite hors from my mom, and spent every night on ephedrine, rollerskating across campus, picking roses...i haven't got a clue what's up. it's great though. i've managed to do a load of laundry (socks and underwear), take out three weeks worth of trash, eat a whole pizza, read an entire john grisham novel, and i'm not even done for the day! mind you i slept for almost three days this weekend. christ, i needed that. it's hard to remember, sometimes, that my life is about me.

"i don't own you / but i know you're mine / never disown you / never treat you unkind"

life is wild. i have friends who aren't depressing. i have boys vying to be the one to spend money on me. my student loan cleared. the more i believe in it, the better my life gets. it's all good. no, really, ALL good... it's a fucking triumph of will and desire over the banality of modern existence. i haven't had this much fun in years. a rampant celebratory atmosphere...every day becomes a celebration of everything and nothing. dancing to soul asylum in my living room...

"and she rose the moon in the afternoon / just to be by his side"

transcription:it's four in the morning, the middle of june, and i'm walking down university (boulevard). looking off east-ish i can see a huge crescent moon, and just above it, venus. (edited for value) boy, if you're awake, i hope you're looking at the sky. end transcript ignoring the scene between then and now involving my two brothers and an almost brawl in my living room. one day frater shinma will grow up and come to grips with the speed of things. it almost hurts to breathe, sometimes, caught in the recollections of the warm radiance of my three favourite boys. (and one of those is my older brother, before you off and get freakish ideas.)

"the only intelligent tech support is that which can be gotten during the unholy hours of the night."

yeah. no shit. where do i start...friday, my machine suddenly decided in the middle of the day that there was no longer a network printer. three reeboots did not alter that opinion. however, i could get out onto the rest of the network just fine. check mail? sure. ping the ct server? absolutely. print? shit no. so a tech came in this morning while i wasn't there. mind you i am the technical consultant in my office. i couldn't fix the problem because i 1) thought they were fucking around with the network in the building again, and didn't give it a second thought, and 2) couldn't find the mislabeled driver disks from before my reign, anyway. but this guy comes in and tells them that my machine couldn't print because the ethernet cable had come disconnected. !!huh?!! uh, hello, how was i telnetting out to the main server and checking my mail if i wasn't on the network? idiot. so he replaces the drivers just the same, and admittedly, the box now talks to the printer, but it still gives the error "network printer not found" on boot. i don't ask. however, this jackass undid my careful boot sequence, rearranged my desktop, and randomly opened documents in my personal file folder, which contains some confidential university documents. no technician is authorized to open non-system files in an office that handles confidential staff and student data. and then he has the gall to tell my boss that my machine is slow because i downloaded too much stuff from the internet, and my hard drive is overloaded. uh-huh. right. that's why less than a third of the drive is in use, and this has *nothing* to do with the fact that the machine is 166mhz with 32mb ram. fucking idiot. the machine runs like a dream for a piece at that speed. he'd better stay the fuck away from the server i'm building for the office. it runs Be; that doesn't mean it's broken.

but enough ranting. i have to go...do something else now. like take a shower so i can wash the idiocy off me.