Rhapsody in Screwed :: Part (who gives a rat's ass)
16:51 :: 07.03.01

ok, kiddies, this'll be a nice short one. i just broke a finger that is vital to my typing skills. ok, it went a little something like this: i was trying to lower an inhumanly heavy box down to the basement on a metal cart. the cart, being aluminum (which no-one saw fit to tell me), decided to become scrap metal about halfway down the stairs. i managed to save myself, most of the cart, and the box from plunging into the cement abyss below, but i sacrificed a finger on my left hand in the process. i am now nicely splinted up with two file-folder tabs and some duct tape.

and you're thinking: wow, how does one person get sick/broken/screwed so often? i have an immune disorder, and it makes me subject to lots of nasty diseases, it makes me tired, and it also makes my bones a bit more brittle than i'd like. there. i've said it. and no, i'm not contagious. it's a genetic defect. i think it came from my dad.

in other news, niall is werking on his birthday. he asked to not be werking graveyard anymore, so whatever asshole writes the schedules put him on 22:00-06:00 on the days he requested off -- his birthday (tomorrow) and thursdays. and this request from the guy who werks six days a week, 8-12 hrs a day. i swear, if i find out who did this, i will personally kick him/her/it in the eye, brittle bones or no.