wow. first daylog of the day... woo...hoo...

today we learned that being sick is very expensive, especially when your insurance only covers the first $20 of your $80 prescription. now, assume there are three prescriptions, and the next two are $45 and $40, respectively, and the insurance only covers about $14 total of those.

the $45 one is recurrent...i get a refill every three weeks ... perpetually. and this is on top of the $220 i already spend on prescriptions in a month.

and my bills just jumped. connect is now $58 instead of $48, that'll be the first thing to go, followed shortly by my phone, for another $45... still won't pay my rent.

i have no money. at all. after my bills pay on friday, i have to make it through august 15 with nothing. no money, no credit, and only about another 5 days worth of food.

and friday's my birthday. happy fucking 23rd to me. maybe i'll get lucky and wake up either a millionare or dead. or both... ::smirk:: i should be so lucky, ne?

i never go out. i might eat out once a month... i saw one movie since last christmas. i live on ramen and beans... it's not like there's that much more to cut back. except communication. i can cut myself off from the world for an extra $103 a month.

if i hadn't gotten that goddamn tumour, everything would be ok. but sickness is so expensive when your insurance is bad.

if you get the urge to feed me out of pity, details are on my homenode.

have i mentioned recently how pointless downvoting daylogs is? you don't like it? be glad it's not you.