Rhapsody in (so totally) Screwed : Part (I can't think straight!)

07.18.01 :: 00:04

My favourite older brother just got put out on his ass, owing some $900 in back rent. yeah, he's an idiot, i've known that for years, but i love him more than life itself. yes folks, this is the very same brother that i would toss myself in front of a speeding train for. looking at that from a more biologically inspired perspective, i can assume it's because his complete ignorance in the ways of hacking life cut straight through my crunchy mercenary shell, right down to the well-hidden nurturing instinct. one of these days, that fool is going to get us both killed.

anyway, luvcraft has decided that he will sell everything my brother owns to repay the debt. i talked him out of a few essential personal items that must stay in the family: the notebooks, the high school tapes, a handful of photographs. i know what things cannot be sold, and i will go to reclaim them. i may have misplaced my brother, once again, but i know he always finds me. sooner or later, he'll realise he lost something...

our other brother, provident fish, plans to come out here soon to talk the idiot's mind back into him -- possibly beat it back into him. as always, i will make things right. if i have to track down dad and beg on my brother's behalf, i will make things right again. it has to be done.

my siblings and my students are all the family i trust; effectively, they are all the family i have. yes, i should leave my brother to his own stupidity, and his lunatic girlfriend, but i won't. i can't. that's what family is for.