Rhapsody in Screwed :: Part (I don't even remember)

first off, my empathy to Orpheum; it's been one of those all around, lately. hang in there, we ain't dead yet, as much as we might like to be, sometimes.

second, my thanks to Apatrix, MacArthurParker, and Starrynight for smacking the panic out of me, long-distance. for close range defusing, credit goes to my mom, and a certain ferret-faced fiend, who'd miss me more than i would...

so, yes, things are getting better, or maybe just more distracting. as long as i can keep myself from thinking for more than five minutes at a time, i don't feel the urge to set myself on fire for the good of the future...apparently, this is not an uncommon side effect after not being unconscious for a fairly traumatic surgery. fuckit. i'm still breathing.