there's a house burning down on the radio, we're in love, we don't mind...

so, no shit, i'm sitting here in a borrowed green thermal shirt, which still has sweat and grease on it from its last occupant. i can't help it...i miss the way my little oupyr smells. he called me three times today, but i was at work. i called him back, but he was online. i cursed, i swore, i tried luck. i don't want to be alone tonight, but at least i have slide to keep me company. it's not the same though. i want someone i can sit next to... i used to call my baby up and we'd get real close, just like the telephone was a sofa

you should wish me luck, i've taken my own head off

first day back in the office, back in class...turns out the other workstudy isn't coming back. wish i'd known. i've gotta find someone reliable to take that damn job. someone who won't screw me. someone who knows their arse from their elbow in a small-office environment. if i'm *really* lucky, someone who can take some of my hours while i'm in court. i mean, granted, i get paid more than the other workstudy, but i should not have to take my work home with me to finish it by the deadline. i want to work with someone who works as hard as i do, so i can work only the hours i can bill! is that so much to ask? step back and watch the sweet thing breaking everything she sees

she took me back to the hyatt house...i don't wanna talk about it

so i met this nice boy in my bible as lit course...turns out he's a member of the campus crusade for christ. i didn't have the heart to tell him that i'm a member of the campus crusade for chaos. i inadvertently misplaced him in the bookstore. it was sad. i kinda like him, despite his powerful religious affiliations. he bought me dinner out of the kindness of his heart, or something. when i realised he honestly had christian values, and didn't just spout out his arse about them so he could wear the good-guy badge, i gained an incredible respect for him. it takes balls to give a shit. it takes even more balls to live off financial aid and be charitable.i stand with you in hope that god will sae us from ourselves

"Liberation is when you know that the goddamn dishes are nobody's fault but your own."