i fully intend to do a whole lot of bitching and griping. you have been warned.

so no shit, there i was, having a wonderful dream about a beautiful compatriot of mine, when the goddamn phone rings. it's the district attorney's office. goddamn it. what did i do...? not me, luckily. i have been called as the key witness in the state's domestic violence case against my ex-boyf. seriously, tho, i want no part of this.

over the next several days, i learn that the trial is scheduled for my first day of class, and i have six days in which to meet with the defense attorney for discovery...bullshit, man. i am so not going to take this lying down. so i bitched, and i griped, and it turned out that the defense attorney was in phoenix, anyway, and couldn't see me. so it got continued, and i can go to class. :) see, happy ending.

next on my list of things to gripe about is the sudden abundance of smart, talented, beautiful boys who love to be around me, but whose circumstances prevent me from having even the faintest chance...i'd be lying if i said i hadn't tried. finally, during one particularly odd conversation, i surrendered to fate, and i think i'm in a band now...or something...excuse me while i look vague and musically inclined for a moment...

*shrug* i give up. i have accepted that what i want and what i get are two entirely separate things, connected only by superficial resemblance. and i reiterate the old maxim: never boink anyone you're in a band with. *pound head on desk*

i got convinced to come back to the friday larp as a storyteller (just like i used to be, before i quit because i hated all my players...), and just when i think i have a great plot going, one key player does not make an appearance. ...!!!... luckily, this did not result in mass destruction, due to some quick plot-hacking on my part. *grunt* remind me why i find this entertaining...

ah, yes, and in a grand act of stupidity, i broke my foot tuesday nite. never practice your matrix-style badassery on a slick concrete floor.

i'll quit my bitching now, and return you to your regularly scheduled programming. smooches to slide and starrynight, just for existing.