Gother Than Thou was the brainchild of Albuquerque's own R. Hunter Gough, my brother's former roommate. My brother, Puck, was responsible for photoshopping the lovely card images, and I spent many a long hour sitting in a small, smoky closet with him while he brought them up to Hunty's standards. The cards contain many of my compatriots, who I will now identify for your amusement. (At least as many as I recall!)

Crying Yourself To Sleep :: Puck (aka ESC, from disBand and IZMM) | original alternate image :: Y.T.
Sing This Corrosion to Me :: Tetsuo (from disBand, and more recently b10$'f34r" labs)
Wardrobe Sale :: Elizabeth (Hunter's other former roommate!)
Disturbing Southern Accent :: Reverend JB Bell (founder, Church of the Black Gnosis)
Disturbing German Accent :: Reverend JB Bell (founder, Church of the Black Gnosis)
Fun With Eyeliner :: Shannon (who has for many years dated a former Everythingian)
Up Before Noon :: Puck
Visit From Mom :: Mrs. Gough (Yes, kids, that's Hunter's mom!)
Genital Piercings :: Ogre (disBand, ->dev/null, IZMM), Fixer Mike Hollenbeck (disBand), Y.T., Adric the Green, and some other people I don't recall at the moment.

More when I can borrow a deck and actually look at the cards again! I have only seen the First Edition, but I am rumoured to appear on the Second Edition Rule Booklet. Details when I care enough to know if it's true.

R. Hunter Gough is also responsible for the Tamagothi, and the Gothic.Net "Not a Racist, Not a Satanist..." t-shirts.

03.22.02 :: UPDATE

Yes, apparently I am on the second edition rules. Sadly, I have been recognized by some players of the game, and am now a local celebrity of sorts. /me kicks me.