Scene: a darkened nightclub, about 01:00. Many people dressed in black cavort under the coloured lights that flash from the ceiling. In the booth, DJ Kentifyr suffers horribly from flu induced delirium, and plays even better music than usual. Immediately in front of the booth, Y.T. frolics with her pretty little assassin.
Love's Secret Domain begins to play...

Kentifyr: "I've been told I should be embarrassing someone named {the assassin}1. {Assassin}, which one of you out there is {the assassin}?"

CJ jumps up and down, gleefully pointing at her compatriot, who has recently had a birthday, and needs an extra helping of torment.

CJ: Hey Kent! Right here! Right here!!

The assassin covers his face in shame, and looks around for a hole to hide in, laughing in that "if this weren't so entertaining i'd kill you" sort of way.

At this point, the song breaks into full stereophonic glory, and the two explore the limits of human flexibility.

i love my people; really i do...

1. name removed to preserve some small amount of dignity.