soundtrack: vnv nation :: forsaken

goddamn my black little heart. *grin* smooches to alex for all the nudges and flattery. i swear i've been untouchable all day, now -- that sort of brainspace where nothing is perturbing. the assassin said it best the other night:

(talking about his job as a dishwasher)it was crazy, this heavy friday night rush, and everyone's pissed off and freaking out except me and this cook. and i'm just totally zen. it's like dish-dish-dish-dish "ommm" dish-dish-dish...i was so calm they sent me home. i dunno, i guess they thought i might become a serial killer or something.
what can i say? you know how to make a girl smile...

soundtrack: vast :: touched

yesterday was my assassin's birthday -- his eighteenth. it's terrifying, really; i keep forgetting. "hey," i'll say, "let's you and me go get a pint." and then i remember. it was even creepier the first time i realised he was seventeen. "sorry," he said, "i can't go out tonight. i have class at a quarter to eight." *blink* quarter of eight? that's not a college time...HOLY SHIT! this kid's in HIGH SCHOOL! i stared blankly for a moment or two. i'd previously thought him to be twenty, as i'd been when we met, or maybe a young-looking twenty-two. but no shit, just yesterday he turned eighteen.

soundtrack: david byrne :: god's child

frankly, given what i know now, i'm surprised he's made it this far. his people make mine look sane. my mom once put a mop handle through all the cabinets; his mom fed him a dirty sock. my dad was a commodities broker (for a while, anyway), his dad (a rather dark chap) tried to join the KKK. hey, at least my cousins sleep. my assassin was the inspiration for Into the Heart of the Whole's Maerklon El'lome. it's not nearly as fantastic as it sounds.

soundtrack: slaves of new brunswick :: girls that i grew up with

i have two papers due this week, and a test tomorrow. i have to mop up the hairballs the kitten had all ove rmy living room. i need to hang up my laundry. i need to re-read parts three and four of East of Eden. and you know, it's all going to get done, because i am badass and imperturbable.

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