And, lo, the weekend hath come and gone once again... i know. it's wednesday, not monday, but oddly i feel like the week's only just begun. i was outlandishly sick on monday, and spent it playing video games and talking magic and politics with my brother, frater shinma (no relation to user shinma on e2), and captain mollie.

sadly, or perhaps not so sadly, last nite frater shinma had an accident which erased portions of his memory. i suppose he was overdue for a new perspective, but this seems like a hell of a way to have it happen. and so, i have been attempting to help him remember the little things. you know, "who is this kate person?" and "how do i usually dress?" it's rough, but he re-learns quickly. i'm just glad he remembered me...or at least that he remembered *someone* who could help.

take ye this...onion? prawn? bicycle cap?
now they were really stuck.
--Robyn Hitchcock; "Intro to Eyes"