"oh in the terror of the moment,
which pounces as it open swings..."
--Robyn Hitchcock; "the speed of things"

my brother came to me in a horrible state of mind at about four this morning. he'd been trying to find me for a week. last sunday, apparently he'd broken up with his girlfriend. i wasn't sure what to say. 'thanks!' didn't seem right, nor did 'congratulations!' or 'finally!' i stuck to a good sisterly, "oh shit, ani! you poor thing! what happened?" and he told me all about how they had come to the mutual conclusion that things were going nowhere (i could've told them that two years ago!) and that they needed to just stop. so i held him in my arms and listened to him try to rationalise it all, try to tell himself it really was all for the best. he called me the best little sister in the world; i told him he was delirious. he declared himself an imperium, i said "hail caesar!" and we laughed. the end of the conversation turned to vespasian and caligula, as we tried not to wake VoidTyphon, who was zonked like the dead, in the room upstairs. i promised to lend him my copy of suetonius' Lives of the Twelve Caesars, and i sent him off to bed, and went back to mine.

"i threw some earth onto your coffin
and thought about the speed of things..."
--Robyn Hitchcock; "the speed of things"