last night redefined magic. actually, i guess it's been the last two nights...i've been doing some recording with the band, and while it is still godawfully rough, i've gotten a few goggy-eyed compliments from the people i've shared it with. damn. life is good. we have seven tracks processing rigt now, and hopefully by the time we hack our way through those, we will have more stuff ready to go. Persian Rhapsody is a fucking hit, and so is our punk-ballad version of Prince Lir's song from The Last Unicorn (book, not movie!). we may finally have named the band, as three of the six of us agree on "Fnordley and the Fiends". i'm pretty goddamn excited.

and i have finally scored my very own hobbit, to be sproinged as often and vigorously as possible. well, ok, he's taller than me -- not saying much -- but he's still a damned hobbity sort of boy. *sigh* and he's wildly and madly in love with me, and has yet to complain about any of my nasty is gooooood.