happy birthday to hookskies, before i move on to the whopping fuckton of nastiness that has defined my last few days.
i torqued both of my already bad knees thursday, and i've been on a cane and in a brace ever since. prolly shoulda been on crutches for the first day of that, considering the creepy noise it made. i was late for both my classes today, and told a fiend of mine to meet me at the totally wrong time, a time i would be in the middle of a class.

i caught an ugly fever this weekend, from a beautiful and equally unfortunate ferret-faced dj of my acquaintance. so unfortunate, in fact, that he, too, got all creaky and cane-leaning. and then he got fired. and speaking of fire, that makes me want to set people on fire.

i've eaten two meals in three days, and i slept the most vital two hours that i needed to be up today. (see 'late for class', above.)

now, on the bright side of things, i have 'the concept of love', by hideki naganuma off the jet set radio future soundtrack. fantasic game, great music. i am absolutely addicted to watching the above-mentioned ferret-faced dj play it; i just don't have the reflexes for anything quicker than turn-based rpg.

also cheery, if less so, i have once again decided to throw the last-minute valentine sushi for the singles party. christ, i gotta get that order in before thursday...