i come home to what in this dream is my apartment, and it looks nothing like the one i'm used to seeing in the waking world. i step inside the door, and see what appears to be my (fairly large) albino bunny, devilbunny, in his cage with all the accompanying bunny supplies, as though someone was packing him up to take him away. i have the distinct impression that someone besides me has been in my house. then i see devilbunny cavorting about the apartment, and it occurs to me that someone has given me another rabbit. still, i am terrified that someone has been in my house. possibly two someones, one with ill intent. i realise that i cannot turn on either of two lights in my kitchen, and it looks like the living room has been ransacked, possibly for some papers which actually have a real world correlate. i call my mother, but there is a constant dialtone humming in the background of the conversation. i convince her to come over and look at things before i touch anything. as she arrives, i wake up next to the slightly damaged frater shinma (not the e2 user).