he said
sincerely, i've seen only devastation coming through such a "window of vulnerability".

she said
yes, but when that devastation hits it tastes so good. it feels a bit like a rollercoaster through a bowl of jello, but leaves you electrified on the other side, drunk with pleasure as the sense of the world as a whole washes over you once again. done correctly, the experience of loving is a stunning and sometimes crippling pain that comes from intense joy and a fear of losing it, the loss ends both the joy and the fear in one fine final moment of strange ecstasy. the resulting ache lasts a day or two, and the thrill of the world in its bright shiny newness strikes at night, and in my case inspires a lot of laughing and late night rollerskating. done correctly, it should also leave you on marvelously good terms with the other person after it is over.