so, no shit, there i was...don't all the best stories start that way....slumped on the anti-couch in my mother's new house dressed like an australian pop star, drinking diet cherry 7up, and listening to harvey danger. i live in a very weird world. a world in which one can find vegetarian tamales, and feel at peace because mom thinks the erotic fiction you've been writing is cool.

i made a cd for my grandmother for xmas; called it 'the danceable jesus compendium'. i didn't know i owned that much vnv nation until i went looking for some good christian industrial. i have to show my nana that all freakishly loud music is not bad. what can i say? i haven't been sleeping or eating really well lately, and it seemed like a good idea at the time. current project: rip as much of my music collection as i can over break, so i can make good mixes totally at random next semester.

oh, yes, and write as much _good_ erotic fiction as i can force out of my fingers, in the hopes that i can get some published for cash, as opposed to the amateur forum i publish to now. (no, not here.)

i met a nice boy -- i mean it. a virginal bishounen with synaesthetic tastes similar to my own. what an inspiration! i've been making music again! *shrug* maybe i'll make something worthwhile this time... and yes, Starrynight, he's even prettier than you. which is not to say i love you any less...

Danceable Jesus Compendium:
1. vnv nation : genesis
2. einsturzende neubauten : the garden
3. robyn hitchcock : serpent at the gates of wisdom
4. jars of clay : flood
5. robyn hitchcock : intro to eyes
6. front line assembly : silent ceremony
7. kmfdm : mysterious ways
8. depeche mode : blasphemous rumours
9. laibach : jesus christ superstar
10. vnv nation : beloved
11. new model army : i love the world
12. covenant : one world, one sky
13. coil : rosa decidua
14. vnv nation : further
15. nick cave : death is not the end
(yeah, some of it's questionable, or at least in questionable taste, but it sounds good...)