okay! it's my older brother's 28th birthday today! i love being the little sister, sometimes... i get to taunt him mercilessly. ::grin::

but besides that, on the whole, i'm feeling *much* better than i was. still fighting with blood sugar, and a seemingly random resistance to insulin, but, hey, shit happens. i'll figure it out.

and most importantly, i'd like to thank three notable members of the community, today: MacArthur_Parker and Apatrix for sending me a chunk of change out of the bottoms of their hearts (i'm going grocery shopping for the first time in a month and a half, tomorrow!), and Myrkabah for remembering that he owes me an awful lot of money, and attempting to pay some of it back.

on the whole, an encouraging week, and one in which i have yet to kill anyone. still two days left, tho... ::smirk::