hail eris and holy chao!

it's the 23rd of the month, and once again the great, unfathomable patterns of the universe have decided that things should change. *shrug* nothing terribly radical. just time to slow down and do, instead of worrying. time to do laundry, write papers, and maybe even wash the floor. then, next week, it will be time to take the server rack apart to make room for the file cabinet that's sitting in my living room, and have a mad drive-juggling adventure while i decide which machine the new 20GB drive goes in! (thanks, thistle!) just time to get liminal.

let me take a moment to sing the praises of the admin who handles my system out in san jose. thistle, darling, you're wonderful. how many people would spontaneously send me a hard drive and two distributions of linux? not many. you are a goddess, my dear. you keep the mail functioning, and usually the ftp server as well. (but while it's up, i think it's not serving right now...restart the daemon?) forgive my soliloquizing, but she's smart, and cute, and she likes ocelots. if i knew her size, i'd buy her a new dress for her birthday. some nice piece of red brocade...she likes pretty things. or maybe i'll just copy all the wack-ass mac games i have and send those. it's hard to shop for the smart girl who has everything.

but my day consisted of eating a whole jar of jalapeno stuffed olives while labelling envelopes at work.not a bad day, on the whole. a compatriot of mine mailed me some attractive pornography; i shall have to make something useful of it. wrote the first diplomatic code of the new dominion at west egg...in four fits. (a tribute to carroll's "hunting of the snark")

procrastinating now...so much to do, so little time...and somehow, the less time there is, the more often it is wasted. i should go do something productive now.