so, i got up this morning feeling like i'd been kicked several times by a donkey, promptly put more lidocaine gel on my bright yellow sunburn, and wished my liver worked like it ought to. i prepared myself to write a paper that was due today and ditch class so i could go to the doctor. well, apparently that was not to be. a receptionist from the doctor's office called and said that my appointment needed to be moved to an earlier time. fine, i told her. then, an hour before i was due in, she called again and told me my appointment was cancelled and i could not reschedule because the doctor had retired. yes, retired. in the middle of a monday afternoon, with three more months of appointments before her scheduled retirement, she just quit. now, my problem with all of this is that i needed one ongoing prescription re-filed, and another one called in so i can kill off a very nasty infection that i've had for the last few months. i guess now i get to have it for a few more months. *shrug* it's miserable, but it hasn't killed me yet.

then, as i was sitting down to write my paper, the phone started to ring. of course, with my little brother so sick lately, i jump up to answer it. all eight times. two telemarketers, my uncle, my mom, my mom again, a wrong number, another doctor's receptionist, and my little brother. "of course, shinma-chan! you can come over and write your paper while i write my paper. no problem." except of course the loud pseudo-celtic music he likes to have on while he writes...don't get me wrong, i like the music, just not when i have to do something other than drink guinness and dance. so, he noticed me not writing, and took his paper and his music back home. finally, i am about 2/3 of the way through this paper, and i can't think anymore. writer's block. and my apartment is depressingly dirty. and my swamp cooler is broken. and the sewage pipes under the complex are backed up. why is it that when shit happens it all happens at once?