Wolves are villians in Fairy Tales. If you meet one, you can be sure he will be up to no good. It may even be that the no good is aimed at you, so generally avoid wolves as much as possible. Wolves are found, almost exclusively, in the deep, dark Forest - though the houses, especially belonging to grandmothers also hold some fasination.

Though there is, no doubt, plenty of game in the Forest for the wolves to hunt, and eat, generally they prefer succulent, young heroine. Hmmmm, young heroine. In general, though there are, most likely, more than one wolf, it is normally only a single animal which will be seen and attack - indeed this may be the reason that he likes to gobble down lone heroines.

It seems that wolves have no natural predators in the wild, so this makes them bold indeed. Often they will come right up to houses, and even try to break and enter them. Indeed the only people with experience of disinfecting houses infested with wolves are Woodsmen. In all the records, it appears as if Woodmen are the only people EVER to kill a wolf.

Wolves may have a number of anomolous abilities which may not be expected. The first is that they swallow people whole. Just wolf them straight down. This is handy, as if you get a Woodman to help, quick enough, then it is possible to save the unfortunate who was eaten. It appears that wolves are also able to destroy all but the strudiest of accomodation. Though records of this act are scratchy at best, almost all civilised people now build in the safest material - brick.

Wolves are easy to recognise. They have unusually large eyes, noses, ears and teeth. If you meet anyone with this description then leave them alone, wolves can be dangerous. Go fetch your nearest Woodsman, he will handle it.