Those last few sentences really don't mesh with the rest of your points. If you are so much for peace, why arent you suggesting the Chinese just forget about Taiwan and let the bastards declare independence? The fact is, the Chinese had no intentions towards Taiwan originally because it was as poorly off as China itself. It was completely insignificant, economically and politically. They were perfectly willing to let the nationalists rot in squalor on their little island.

The reason they want it all of a sudden is that Taiwan has become a newly industrialized country, with a strong semiconductor industry and powerful trading partners. If this were about revenge on the nationalists, mainland China could have crushed them long ago. Clamoring for vengeance 50 years later, when you haven't acted on it earlier, just makes you look like a lunatic.

The US started off protecting Taiwan because they backed the nationalists. The only real reason we continue to do so is the same reason the Chinese want the island. By providing military protection, we are placed in a position to demand any trade concessions we wish, while also keeping trade routes for valuable semiconductors open (something that is by no means assured if China were to take over).