Became Emperor of Rome immediately after Pertinax. His method of achieving the throne was one of the more disgusting episodes in Roman history. Didius Julianus was an extremely rich senator who had always lusted after the throne. The Praetorian Guard, masterminded by Laetus, the Praetorian prefect who had also had Commodus murdered, killed the previous emperor, Pertinax, for the sole crime of trying to establish discipline in an army that had grown soft and used to its privileges. After this treachery, they auctioned off the throne to the highest bidder, with the winner being Didius Julianus, who offered to pay 25,000 sestertii to each member of the Praetorian Guard. Immediately on him becoming emperor, several men rebelled, declaring him a traitor and a weakling. Upon hearing of the doings in Rome, two generals rebelled and marched their armies on Rome. Pescennius Niger, the governor of Syria, had the support of the armies of the East, while Septimius Severus had 16 legions under his command on the Rhine. Severus reached Rome first, but not before the Praetorian Guard had put Julianus to death. Using his legions, Severus arrested the entire Praetorian guard, and had them discharged dishonorably. Didius Julianus only ruled Rome for 16 days in 193 A.D. before being replaced by Septimius Severus.

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