The Hour of the Wolf is the time between night and dawn, from about 4 to 5 a.m.

It is the Hour when most people die, when sleep is untouchable, when nightmares are most palpable, when ghosts and demons hold sway.

The Hour of the Wolf is the time when heaven disappears and hell rules the chaos of the world. It is the Hour when the weak mind will lose itself deep in insanity and light of dawn is far away, a distant flicker that is in danger of being lost in the swirling winds of the mind.

The Hour of the Wolf is when lost lovers come back to be held in your arms one last time or to haunt you with what could have been. It's the Hour where life waits in a moment of transition between the darkness and the light, waiting in infinite patience for what is to come.

The Hour of the Wolf is the Hour when one must decide if they are forever stuck in a time that has passed and can't move on from that point.

It's the Hour where one must decide to embrace the coming dawn and welcome its warmth or stay with the Wolf in the darkness of that eternal night....