All right then...

You know what's funny? When you lose sight of who you are.

Example: Most of you don't know who I am, don't care to know either. Which is cool, lol. I'm just a guy in Ohio. The interesting part is when you look at my last post: October 30, 2003.

My grandfather told me once, and it's been used many times and in many ways, that if you ever don't recognize that guy staring back at you in the mirror, that you should retrace your steps back to the last place you did recognize that face.

It's there that you really begin to know who you are.

It's true. And I've done that. I found this web site again that I hadn't posted on, let alone viewed in over three years. Isn't it amazing how time flies?

In that span of three years, I've let go of the past (if you ever read any of my other WU's, you'll know what I'm talking about). I've met a wonderful woman, the woman of my dreams. I've lost almost 150 pounds and I feel great. I'm in school and loving it. I've lost old friends, but not forgotten. I've been on one side of this country to the other. I've watched the sun come up on the Atlantic and I've watched it set over the Pacific. I've forgiven everyone in my past. I had to, to move on. I feel like me again.

Yes, I have my down days, but who doesn't? I've beaten depression. I've beat being fat and miserable. I've beaten the loneliness.

I've changed myself.

It just took a journey down a path, a path called life and all of it's experiences, but it was the words of a single man. A man with short white hair and deep blue eyes that held infinite wisdom who's time with me was too short.

I finally recognize that man in the mirror now.

That man is me.

And he is always smiling back...