This has been a weird two weeks. Truly it has.

My girlfriend of nearly a year broke up with me Sunday night. She said she'd found someone else and that she and this guy had been "together" for around two weeks.

I was more than a little upset.

I was hurt, yes, but for some reason it didn't REALLY hurt. Maybe it's because I fell out of love with her myself. She changed nearly a month ago. (I think this is when she met the "new guy") She just stopped caring about me. She got distant and then everything happened.

What's really funny is that someone else was starting to come into my life. We started talking nearly 5 months ago. A friend of a friend. We just clicked but we didn't really do anything besides that. She knew I was taken by another girl and didn't want to move in on me.

Everyday last week she called me. Every night. We'd talk for an hour or more each night. Maybe in some way I was cheating on the girl I was seeing, but I never said anything about seeing this girl. She was really concerned about me because I was getting depressed with my (now ex) girlfriend. She just spoke how much she wished she could help and said she wish she could be here with me.

Well she and I have been talking non stop since my ex and I broke up. She apparently likes me a lot. She asked me out to an event, if I wanted to go, even this soon after my break up. She said she'd like me to go with her.

I couldn't say no.

Now I'm falling for her, forgetting about my ex, and can't wait to talk to her again.

Everything happens for a reason. Even if we don't understand how or why.

P.S. I just had to write this out. With everything going on, I needed to just see my thoughts in words. I know it's a GTKY.