I think I need help with a problem. I'm asking anyone that's had this happen to help me if they could, either with themselves or their significant other.

I've been seeing this girl for nearly 3 months now. We love each other very much but there is a problem. She gets into this mood where she just wants to push me away, leave me alone. I'm not hanging on her every moment of the day, or on the phone 24/7 with her. I'm not obsessive so we both know that isn't the problem.

These moods aren't related to PMS but are heightened by it. She doesn't understand why this is happening and it hasn't happened to anyone she's dated in her past. It worries me because I do love her very much and don't want the relationship to end. She feels the same.

We both want the relationship to coninue. We've come to that conclusion but we're stumped on how to approach the problem. We know we don't want to lose each other.

Thank you in advance. You can /msg me or reach me at my screen name Crawn2003CHS on AOL Instant Messenger.


Keep on downvoting it if you like... I'm more concerned about the girl than the XP that I have....