One of the most surreal moments I've ever had happened courtesy of this song.

Imagine, a dreary day. The rain has subsided, momentarily. You're driving in your '85 Mercury Grand Marquis (aka, The Boat), on your way to another long, miserable day at work. You get stopped at a light right before the exit for the highway. Your antiquated tape deck player won't spit out your copy of OK Computer so you've been driving around for about 2 months listening to every track until you now recognize every song within the first second it plays.

End Let Down. Pause. Begin the first haunting chords of Karma Police.

The corner of your eye catches lights flashing to your right. Police coming from behind you. A motorcade escort. They ignore the red light as a funeral procession follows the poor wet bastards on their police bikes. The hearse passes by and Thom Yorke sings:

"Karma police, arrest this man..."

Expensive classic cars and suspicious black suburbans keep coming in an endless line of cars. You watch the passersby wondering what they're thinking. Are they thinking of their deceased friend in his cozy ride up front? You see who you can only assume is his wife staring out the window at the darkened sky and can't tell if the drops on her face are the reflection of the rain on the window or her own.

"This is what you get, when you mess with us...."

A Dodge Viper or two. A Shelby no doubt. A classic baby blue cadillac. The guy must have been important for the collectors to have their babies out in the rain. A rainy day funeral. Bragging rights in the afterlife. "Even the sky cried when I left the earth."

Someone's dead. Did they have regrets? Maybe I should call in today and go visit my parents. Screw dieting, some fried coconut shrimp with some french fries sounds mighty fine for dinner tonite. Maybe even some butter toffee ice cream to boot. I really should go back to school...

How many red lights have I been here, waiting for this depressing procession to end?

"For a minute there, I lost myself. I lost myself..."