Today I got in my first car wreck. I slammed my '95 Dodge Spirit in to the back of a 2001 Mitsubishi SUV. It was my fault, and an accident. I had a bad day, and by the time I was driving home my mind was on anything but driving home. I was lost in my own world when I notice the car in front of me is going to turn. My judgement is apparently off because when I turned my blinker on to go around them, they slow down almost to a stop and 30 seconds of squealing brakes and crushing metal later, the right front end of my car is caved in and the hood is scrunched like an accordian (there goes the radiator). Meanwhile, the Mitsubishi SUV barely has a dented bumper and scratched paint.

Atleast the airbag didn't inflate. That's $1000 right there.

After the initial shock, I got out of the car and walked my shaky legs up to the SUV and asked if they were OK. I was extremely lucky, because they ended up being nice people. They were fine. I have bruises where the seatbelt was, otherwise I'm fine. If there's any advice I can give, it's most definitely to wear your seatbelt. If I hadn't had mine, there's no doubt I would have hit the windshield and gotten much worse injuries. .

The cops were called, information was taken, a tow truck showed up, and I went home to my apt to wait for the tow truck to get there. They charged $46 dollars for what amounted to about a mile drive. Bastards....

When it was all over, I went inside, downed a shot of Southern Comfort to calm down, and called my boyfriend for the sake of support. I have yet to call insurance because I don't want to see my rate go up (Denial strikes again), but everything (except my car) turned out to be alright.