Holy bejeezus, it's log time.

The last half year of my life has been spent working for the man, writing literary failures, and reading up on my home sweet Texas according to Kinky Friedman. I've traveled halfway across the country several times, and every time half the trip seems to be getting out of, or back into, Texas. I believe it's the only state where you spend the morning in a cold front/rainstorm and wind up the day in a warm, dusty sunset.

I've taken quite a hiatus from the connected life, as it were. I gave away my hard drive and disconnected my provider. I cut off my cable and only turned my television on to watch the occasional movie. It's amazing how life can change and what seemed to matter so much, doesn't mean a damn thing. I think I'm over the "If you keep staringat a screen all day, life will pass you by" phase. I still won't watch conventional television, but certain things about the internet still hold interest for me.

I've found myself often taking on musings of life and the crazy people wrapped up in it. I deal with hundreds of people every day, 5 days a week with hopefully two full days off to recuperate. I highly recommend to any person to take a job in service. If only for a day. It would sure make thousands of people's lives easier if some proverbial meanie-heads knew what we service-grunts have to deal with every day.

I think I've typed enough for now...perhaps I'll write something of actual interest, intellect, and hopefully some humor next time. Until then....