Two monks sat together at meal. After a few pleasantries reveling the beautiful spring, their conversation became pointed.

"Explain to me the nature of milk," requested the master of his pupil.

"Milk is cool and calm and reflects the nature of the cows that produce it," came his reply.

"Yes," the master agreed.

The student went on, "Strangely, it also multiplies like the energetic rabbit."

"Multiplies? How do you mean?"

"Well, with but no work at all 1% and 2% milk can be made into 6%."

At this the master was surprised. He invited the student to continue.

The student made a demonstration to show his point. He first poured out both his and his master's drink. He then half filled the former with 1% milk and the latter with 2%.

"But," the master called him out, "the 1% and 2% only add to make but three percent milk."

"Yes, but the cups were half full; twice that much now exists, Six percent."

At this, the master was enlightened.