A line from Monty Python's short but gut-bustingly funny "Australian Table Wines" sketch. It is said of a sparkling wine called Perth Pink:

"Of the sparkling wines, the most famous is "Perth Pink". This is a bottle with a message in it, and the message is BEWARE! This is not a wine for drinking -- this is a wine for laying down and avoiding."

In general, this is a pretty funny phrase pattern to use to indicate that something is truly beyond awful:

"You want to rent Biodome?! That's not a movie for renting -- that's a movie for laying down and avoiding.

Note that the last phrase ("laying down and avoiding") should be said with emphasis and, if possible, in your best Eric Idle voice.

Chihuahua Grub says: what enkidu fails to mention is whether or not Biodome will grow better and more enjoyable with age...