Fresh Samantha is a small, family-owned Maine company which makes very very yummy all-natural juices. They're hard to find outside New England but have started to reach further down the East Coast. They make the best, freshest juice you can buy in stores. They never use concentrates, highly processed ingredients, artificial sweeteners, or processed sugar, and they're quite proud of it - it says so on every bottle.

The bottles feature pictures drawn by co-founder and children's book illustrator Abby Levin. She CEO/co-founder/husband Doug Levin have a daughter Samantha, for whom the company is named. Each bottle also has an anecdote about Fresh Samantha - the "Willy Boy" Soy Shake bottle talks about Willy Boy, the family dog.

A partial list of flavors:

Body Zoomers:
These are regular yummy fruit drinks, fortified with things like Bioflavinoids and Ginkgo Biloba.

  • Desperately Seeking C
  • Get Smart

Summer Samantha flavors:

  • Watermelon Whirler
  • Energizer Ginseng
  • Lulo Limeade
  • Fuchsia Lemonade