An interesting evening with friends. Movie, coffee, park, clinic...

Jared has been carless for about 6 months, so now that he bought an '83 Nissan Stanza, we have a lot of cruising to catch up on.

Yesterday we couldn't get anybody else to come along. But today we rounded up a few people, and left for a movie on the spur of the moment. Jared, his older brother Aaron, Alana, and I.

So after Orange County, we head to Roca Jack's, but they don't take Interac, and I'm the only person with cash. So it's off to "Cafe Ultimate", a cyber cafe that puts no focus on quality coffee, since people only come for the computers anyway.

I'm not sure how it started, but now they call me Salvatore. It must have something to do with my espresso obsession.

Aaron's cell rang at some point, his younger sister hopping mad that Alana came along and we didn't invite her.

Back in the car, Aaron was on the phone with his friend Cole, speaking in hushed tones. It just so happened that Cole was right beside us at the light, so Aaron jumps out, (just as the light is turning green!) gets in Cole's car, and ditches us.

So we go to the park, it's got the usual playground things all over. Slides, swings, see-saws, bars suspended face height for swinging on, the usual deathtraps. It's cold, we get bored fast, my shoes are full of snow, so we turn right around and run back, Alana in the lead.




Clotheslined, right in the bridge of the nose, with an iron bar, running at high speed.

That feeling of fear as we run toward her, heaped in the snow. "Is she bleeding? Did she break something?? Is she conscious???


But she's laughing, quite hard.

Oh, she hurt herself all right. A large cut across the bridge of her nose, and a nasty bite mark in her lip.

We don't actually go to a clinic, only to my house. My mom's had enough kids, she can heal almost anything.

All this time, Alana's lamenting the fact that she's finally injured herself. After all those years of being a stupid kid, nothing like this has happened before.

She gets cleaned up, and then Jared drives her home. I don't want to be there to see her sister's reaction.

Hmmm, she handles pain alot better better than I would.