This is the only part of last nights dream I remember with sufficient clarity:

There was an art gallery, with one particular new display that I was there to see. I walked down a black hallway about 5 feet wide, twenty feet long, with about a 12 foot arched ceiling. It was illuminated by pale blue neon lights in the ceiling, but it was too dark to see the floor. The hall winded slightly so that you couldn't see either end very well.

I made my way to a connected room with a higher, domed roof, and the same black walls. The roof was about 5 feet higher than the hall ceiling. The room was illuminated by small narrow skylights, allowing in a yellow dusk light. The room was about 14 feet in diameter. The middle of the floor was deeper, you had to go down a couple steps or a ramp. Around the inside of the recessed floor were seats. They were yellow fabric with what looked like a gold colored wire mesh over the fabric, they had no arm rests. There were about 6 chairs on each side of the recession, and a small round coffee table in the very center. Two or three other people were there to admire the paintings.

At about 5 feet up the wall there were evenly spaced paintings. All were square, about a foot to each side, spaced at about six inches. They were of puddles, lakes, waterfalls, mugs of coffee, women with long flowing hair, many different liquid or moving things. Some were just abstract blobs. A sat in one of the chairs and watched the paintings. Which ever one you looked at flowed and moved in weird ways. It was as if they got into your mind, and moved according to your subconscious. There was an ambient hum in the room, but when you focused on one painting, the hum would be replaced by some music or sound accompanying the painting.

At some point I was gazing deeply into an orange/pink whirlpool, and it was as if I had achieved enlightenment. I deeply understood something for a period of time. But when I got out of the chair, I forgot everything.

I left the room and explored the art gallery, bought some bread and tomato sauce from the gift shop, then aliens attacked, and I woke up.