Green Tortoise is a company that consists of a bus touring group as well as a pair of hostels. The hostels' main branch is in San Francisco, California and the other is in Seattle, Washington.

The tour company was started in 1974, since then over 500,000 people have toured with Green Tortoise. They offer an affordable way for people to see the world. They own a few charter buses that have bunk beds and other recliners that fold out of the way during the day. They travel to places like Costa Rica, Mardi Gras, Burning Man, Alaska, and Yosemite, just to name a few. Those who travel with the company are usually young people who want to see the world backpacker style. Everyone cooks and cleans for each other and enjoys a communal atmosphere.

The San Francisco hostel is located the North Beach area in SF. It is within walking distance to tourist spots such as Fisherman's Warf. It offers special features such as free email, free breakfast, and no curfew.

The Seattle Hostel is located one block away from Pike's Place Market in Seattle. Inside it is safe, and friendly. They offer many events such as a weekly free dinner, pub-crawls, movie nights, and free beer once a week. People who want an affordable, non-typical stay in Seattle should stay at the hostel. You can stay in a private or dorm style room, co-ed or single sex.

I have been fortunate enough to stay for a week in the Seattle Green Tortoise Hostel. I would recommend it to anyone with an open mind and an adventurous attitude. I met and became friends with people that I would normally never get the chance to meet. If it wasn't for college and a job waiting for me back home I would have stayed for an entire summer in the hostel, doing trade work, and meeting people. It was an experience of a lifetime.