I've been hangin' around here for a few months now. I am still a few thousand leagues away from understanding E2. And yet I like it. Honest!

I used to get downvoted a lot, and teetered on the edge of node heaven quite often. Ok, I fell in quite a bit as well. But I think I've figured out that there really isn't a "what NOT to do" around here. If you drop jaws, draw heads closer, hell, make 'em tingle in their midriff, voila (!), you have eked out the beloved Matrix present in all communities.

I find that I am constantly comparing E2 with the "ek$i sözlük", which was a Turkish enterprise to compile an information database, much like this one. However it has turned out to be a bit like what E1 allegedly used to be. Not much moderation, and a zillion entries a minute slowly swarming all over the magnetic storage, by and by dwindling away its cause. It's still funny as hell, though. Perhaps there's something to be said for a community of thousands going brainstorming mad. It definitely has its daily place on my surf itinerary.

You can check it out at http://sozluk.sourtimes.org.

I know you're reaching for one of those those searing -'s on your complimentary E2 bat-belts. But I refer you to Mitzi's lament for compassion earlier today, for which you've made him/her a C! junkie.