I am officially a HARDASS now! I just recently got told by my doctor than because of a previous medical problem I will never cry again, no matter what happens to me! Funerals...weddings...enter title of intensely sad movie...relationship break-ups...getting punched in the face... I'll just be a hard-ass, and won't shed a tear. No matter how crushed I am on the inside I'll just never cry again. How cool am I going to seem? Ice cold, that's what! So don't none of you guys go messing with me. Maybe I should learn kung-fu now, just so I can kick ass like a proper ninjagirl too?

Though one of the other, more well known, side effects of stroke is that it can cause a survivor to break into intense giggling fits for hours on end. Which, has been immensely fun on a lot of occasions; but sometimes also very inappropriate. Think... funeral, with girl who can't cry, but can burst into uncontrollable laughter at any moment. Well, would you bring me to your grandmother's funeral?

Apparently this inability to cry is one of the little-known side-effects of having a stroke, though no doctor has been able to adequately explain to me how this works. I think some connection in my brain that controls crying has been killed by the stroke, but I have no knowledge of physiology or medicine, if YOU do, answers on a postcard please to Cool Beans.