One of the espers in the form of a bird in Squaresoft's Final Fantasy VI, a console game for Super Nintendo. Palidor's magicite shard can be found after returning to the Solitary Island after obtaining the airship in the World of Ruin. The party will stumble upon the magicite shard washed up on the shore.

Name Origin
The name Palidor was likely based on the medieval legend of a Paladin, a knight representing perfect ideals. In the Japanese version, Palidor's name was Quetzali, a South American tropical bird.

If you summon Palidor during a battle, your party will be able to execute the Sonic Dive. Every character in your party will jump onto the back of Palidor as it flies by, and will one-by-one perform jump attacks on random opponent monsters. This sort of jump attack can only be duplicated in Final Fantasy VI by equipping the Dragoon Boots relic, and is a callback to the powerful jump attack that Cain could execute in Final Fantasy IV.

Level Up Bonus
Unlike most other espers, Palidor has no level up bonus, and a character who has it equipped when he or she levels up will not benefit.

A character who has the Palidor magicite equipped will be able to learn various gray time and space-type magic spells when earning magic points at the completion of a battle.
  • Float (at a rate of 5x) – Makes one target protected from earth-based attacks.
  • Haste (at a rate of 20x) – Speeds up one target.
  • Haste 2 (at a rate of 2x) – Speeds up an entire party.
  • Slow (at a rate of 20x) – Slows down one target.
  • Slow 2 (at a rate of 2x) – Slows down an entire party.
The Haste 2 and Slow 2 spells can only be learned from Palidor; no other esper makes available these spells.