"You guys still eat baked beans on toast, man. Because World War II ended, what, a week ago?"
- Greg Proops

Along with the ever-popular fish and chips, baked beans on toast still ranks among the finest examples of British cuisine.

It's simple enough to prepare: Get some bread, get some beans, cook the beans, toast the bread, put on plate and serve. Garnish, if desired, with Worcestershire Sauce or even, if you have enough time on your hands, a layer of cheese on the toast. Quick and easy without having to waste time worrying about flavour, texture or presentation.

This heavenly marriage of bread and beans is part of our culture and heritage and is, perhaps thankfully, slowly dying-out since we adopted the curry as our national dish - with great thanks to India - even going so far as to invent our own dishes based on Indian cooking principles, namely Chicken Tikka Masala and the Balti.

Note: It has been said that the worth of a man can be measured by whether he sees beans on toast as a light snack or a main evening meal. A light snack is the correct answer here, people.

Quoth Oolong: re baked beans on toast: but what about baked bean curry (which I will probably node some time) on toast? I feel this may save beans on toast yet...