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This is going to be a pretty standard bio. I've just gone over the quick start link convinetly displayed to the right of my browser window, so as you can see I am learning to connect things together. ^_^

I was born in the 'burbs of Tokyo, where I spent the first three months of my tiny life. Although it was nothing special, from then on, I would claim Tokyo to be my home. Three months later, I was moved from that city, and have been traveling almost ever since. The son of a servicemember, I have spent my childhood in Germany, Utah, and Misawa. I don't think it will ever compare to the seven years I spent at Yokota Air Force Base, where I grew into adolecence.

Now I go to Haverford Collge and am a freshman. Hopin to major in mathematics, I work hard to accomplish my goals, but fear that I am too unintelligent to stay in this school full of accomplished students.