I got my first LEGO set as a kid, a birthday present for my 6-year b-day. It was a small, grey space ship with a red LEGO astronaut. Back in those days, they only came in red and white (coincidently, the two colors of the danish flag, the country that gave this precious gift to us). Snapping those little bits together to create something had me hooked.

As a child, I too followed the instructions rigidly, making sure everything went according to the book. But then LEGO Zen came to me, that deep enlightenment of pure seeing. As eyes glanced a new model, it would instantly reveal its deepest construction secrets to me. Instructions were laid aside in favor of pure LEGO instinct, gaining all instruction from that deep, spiritual place inside the soul, which guides all creativity and imagination. I would piece any model together on that alone.

It is my unwavering belief that LEGO Zen is reachable by anyone. kmcardle is on the path already, and will soon be taken to the next level. It is where LEGO does not just entertain, it makes sense, and you see through the mortal instructions to construct by instinct alone. Then you shall carry out wonders.