So, logically, since EDB ingests so many of us on a regular basis, his nodes should be the best, potentially. Or they may not be.

Of course, in making this statement, there are things I may be overlooking:

1) EDB doesn't always eat the best noders. While the quality of a noder is a subjective judgement, sheer probability dictates that he eat bad ones, too. Also, EDB often goes after the troublemakers, so he may be readying himself for troublemaker noding. And who's to say that Chatterbox participation is a good quality by which to select prey?

2) (This one is my favourite) EDB may or may not be a flatworm, or act like one, all of the time, or some of the time.

3) Since there is only one EDB, we are without a control in this experiment. However, if we were to locate a supply of hungry, willing noders (as force-feeding "volunteers" would undoubtedly skew the data) to feed, this may yet be overcome.